Finding an Online Casino as a Mac User

By Casinos

Finding a reputable casino to play in as a U.S. player can be trying (though hopefully your options will increase by the end of the year) but what’s even more trying is finding a fun, safe casino online as a U.S. player with a Mac. Very few casino game developers have gotten around to designing platforms that are compatible with Macs. Of these, only one that I know of accepts U.S. players, but it only offers poker and we here at have not been able to fully verify the security or business practices of the casinos involved. So how does a player with an apple device go about finding an online casino? (more…)

Blackjack Card Counting

By Black Jack

Card counting is widely talked about because done correctly it gives the player an advantage over the house. The result is that a lot of people jump in and decide that they are going to be card counters. The reality however is that it is much more difficult to count cards than most people realize and there are very few people who can do it correctly. If you are going to do it you will need to put in a great deal of practice. (more…)

Bankroll mastery and what it means

By Gambling

Managing your bankroll entails a lot of small decisions that should work together and requires good discipline over and over again. Part of it is knowing when to stand up and call it a night since your are losing money, emotionally tired, and starting to doubt your decisions.

Little Known Facts of Gambling

By Gambling

When it comes to online gambling we are firm believers that the more you now, the less money you blow! With this in mind, we have come up with a complete list of little known facts that are sure to be helpful when making decisions during any online gambling session and every trip you take to a land casino. (more…)

About Texas Hold’em

By Texas Hold'em

If you did not get any introduction to the Texas Holdem Game of poker yet, study and review the following paragraphs to be an expert on the subject. Texas Hold ‘Em poker is one of the easiest and fun card games to learn about. (more…)