Online Bingo Rules

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Bingo rules and payouts and play variations vary from place to place. Bingo brochures detailing particular Bingo games, Bingo rules and payouts are usually available at each respective location, or online.

Basically, there are two different versions of Bingo. There is the American Bingo with 75 balls, played on a 5×5 grid card. And there is the British and Australian Bingo, played with 90 balls on a 9×3 card. (more…)

75 Ball vs 90 Ball Bingo

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75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is the Bingo game played in the United States and Canada. Generally, the 75 Ball Bingo is similar to 90 Ball Bingo. The first difference is that the balls are only numbered up to 75. The second difference is that it is played on 5 X 5 cards. The 5 X 5 card allows for a lot more patterns to be played. In 90 Ball Bingo you basically only have one line, two lines, and a Full House. Here, in 75 Ball Bingo, there are literally hundreds of patterns you can play for. You can read more about the patterns in American 75 Ball Bingo. (more…)

Online Poker for Real Money

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Poker for real money can be enjoyed by playing in a traditional casino or battling it out with other players in online poker game sites. The difference is very obvious and puts spotlight on the interaction of the players on the poker table. Playing live poker will have players looking at each other and talking to each other. In virtual poker rooms, you only communicate through chat. (more…)

Guide to Video Poker

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Video poker is an electronic casino game that is based on five card draw. The program is placed into a small computerized compartment similar to a slot machine. The game is fairly simple to learn, but as with most games in a casino or online, the house has the advantage. Video poker can be found at almost all casinos and many have them near the drinking establishments on the operator’s property. (more…)